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city edges by ambulation & kahve detour #3

[umit stops to reload his mobile phone, seda decides to turn off the
gps logger as she ...]


Tahtakale district and Tahmis Sokak

Residue from the 16th century coffeehouse district and the coffee roasting street is still present albeit under the auspices of coffee mogel "Kurukahveci Mehmet Effendi." Young men perform the thorny journey of coffee in micro--which let us not forget, is the 2nd biggest export after oil. Passing from hand to hand, ... a human conveyor belt of coffee roasters, packers, packet folders, sellers, etc.-

-We ask them "where are your beans from?"

In unison they answer:


The enlarged journey [Brazil, Columbia, San Salvador] is erased with "Mehmet Effendi's" demonstrations...

:::to be continued:::


Coffee Deposits (aka) ∴ Fincan İçinde Kartografi ∴

⇔09.09.09 ⇔ First stop Kadikoy, Istanbul

⇔09.10.09 ⇔ Pick-up coffee beans from courier at Haymatlos Bar, Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul @~ECLECTIC TECH CARNIVAL~Shipment to Istanbul via Feral Trade Project by artist Kate Rich. http://www.feraltrade.org/

images courtesy: www.feraltrade.org/

-Waybill details ⇔San Salvador⇔ Istanbul