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Embark to Pera pARkours - Tour/Intervention

Pera pARkours is a work-in-progress that uses Augmented Reality (Layar) to re/dis/locate fragments from the archive of our interactive cross-media project Coffee Deposits::: Topologies of Chance into public space. These locative "post-scripts" explore a small radius in the Pera/Galata vicinity to uncover disparate narratives weaving both fictive and documentary elements that include past Armenian presences, the détournement of cup reading to neo/geo-caching for prophetic visions.

Extension of Pera pARkours ... 
Phantom/Hayalet Cup Détournement is STILL accessible on Layar in Istanbul and beyond. 
For viewing: Download the LAYAR brower 
on your smart phone http://www.layar.com/
Search for tour: Pera pARkours and launch project.

TOUR  ::: Pera pARkours full tour off-line  
Ubiquitous intervention still accessible on LAYAR
  Start at the bottom of the Camondo stairs in Galata/Pera just off of Banklar Cadessi and mapped to coordinates:  http://tinyurl.com/6l4329e Enable in LAYAR settings to the smallest radius (100 meters) for viewing tour. -BRING HEADPHONES FOR AUDIO/VIDEO  See post on ARtour workshop:

*Pera (also known as Galata) was a district in Constantinople
(established circa 13th century as a Genoese trading colony) north of
the Golden Horn, which now encompasses parts of Beyoğlu, Karaköy,
Tophane, Tarlabaşı, Cihangir etc. Pera originates from Greek, meaning
"beyond or across" and the district was particularly known for its
presence of Greek, Armenian, Italian, and Jewish residents and
businesses. See more documentation:

more to follow:
ISEA workshop at Camondo Stairs