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Augmented Reality tour [BETA] coming soon to Istanbul

We are taking part in the ISEA workshop, Augmented Istanbul given by the ARtours team (Margriet Schavemaker and Hein Wils) from the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. We will introduce a sample work-in-progress section "Pera PARkours" made in LAYAR using the content management system VISAR and is an augemented extension of Topologies of Chance--

Workshop begins at 9am on Thursday Sept. 15th at Sabanci University at the 
:::stay tuned::: 


TOPOLOGIES OF CHANCE - Extended Project Description

Coffee Deposits:::Topologies of Chance is contoured into an interactive Flash environment, a hybrid between documentary forms and the ludic. The work traces a  multiplicity of layers and movements in Istanbul via mobile and ad-hoc Turkish coffee encounters: a slow mapping of unpredictable and rapidly shifting urban patterns and diverse stories and accounts by those who inhabit, walk, dwell, witness, work and protest in the city. The artists attempted in parallel to augment these encounters with geo-located traces. Subsequently, after navigating ambiguous coffee codes, divination, coffee sediments, and GPS strategies became ambient mediums or phantom guides. Topologies of Chance unfolds a series of counter-cartographies and articulates and speculates multiple viewpoints and disorientations, sometimes ironically via diverging and non-linear traversals within screen and street interfaces. A sampling of traversals include: contours of transgender im/mobilities; past Armenian presences; the encroaching obsolescence of the junk recyclers trade, to the tracing of so-called 'urban renewal' projects.
Sections: Pattern Recognition; Belly of Istanbul; Mediums; Palimpsest; Mobile Networks; Contours; Tracause- For online previews: www.coffeedeposits.nl